Monday, December 8, 2014

Working on Reform

I've been banging the phone, tweeting,  and having advocacy discussions about reform regarding US police engagement with the community.

I am weary but determined to affect change however I can.

Bear with me folks as I focus on a few more critical activities on this matter. My normal blogging will resume soon.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Rise Above "Hater Culture"

As you prepare your plans for 2015, try to rise above hater culture.

Don't participate in it. Don't give energy to those that say mean things about you. Don't discuss "haters" or give them any power over your spirit.

Spend the next two months clearing your mental and physical spaces in order to take your super socialite grind to new dimensions.

The world is waiting on you to be philanthropically fabulous. And I can't wait to cover it on this blog and see you shine!

Time to rise like sunshine!

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features Hannah Bronfman attending The Pink Agenda ' s Annual Gala in New York City last month.

Ms. Bronfman deejayed in the fabulous gown! Go, go, go!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Avoid Selling Your Soul to Dance With Devils

I must admit that I find my roles of wife,  stepmother, careerist, PhD student, and organizational leader simultaneously invigorating and exhausting. While these experiences are all very wonderful,  I often find myself trying to be the best at them all. And many times, I feel like I'm neglecting one to adequately serve the other.

Therefore, I have very little space and place for what I coin as "Tom Foolery" in my social life. I can't have my socialite activities marred by the sheer silliness of people who psychologically have not graduated from high school and college.

You know some of these people.  They are dramatists to the nth degree. They enjoy being the center of attention - even if it's negative attention created by their own design. Attention equals power in these people's minds and they are ruthless in their pursuit of it.

What's even more provocative about these folks is their ability to cultivate communities of supporters to do their bidding. Because they're verbose and always whirling about, the weak minded and insecure desire to be a part of their "light."

What followers fail to realize is the light is actually what I phrase as "devil's fire." It's deceptively illuminating and also destructive.

As you continue on your socialite quest, think long and hard about with whom you choose to affiliate. Examine the track record and agendas of people before you jump on their "team."

And by all means, avoids devil's fire by seeking out light-bearers who are kind of spirit and heart versus those that use their light to burn others.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features Janice Crosby and Yvette Bing, co-chairs of the 2014 Wright Gala. This swanky affair benefits The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History of Detroit.

More than 500 guests shelled out $350 each for a magical evening that raised funds to support the museum.

I'm traveling back to the East Coast from the great city of Minneapolis tomorrow.

I hope you have a super weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features venture capitalist and philanthropist Sarah Kunst (right) and Carolynn Penner attending Elle Magazine's recent celebratory affair in honor of Women in Technology. The event was held this past summer in San Francisco.

While Ms. Kunst did not make Elle Magazine's list this year, she is definitely one to watch. She was honored Business Insider's 30 Important Women under 30 in Tech list in 2013 (she's #13) and is committed to diversifying the field of technology.

Ms. Kunst also provides sound advice for careerists. 

Her classic introduction and "branding" tagline: We probably met at a party. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

This week’s flicks feature some attendees at the 5th Annual Diversity Affluence Brunch in The Hamptons this summer. This stellar event is created by the Founder and CEO of Diversity Affluence Andrea Hoffman.
Mitch Kapor, Andrea Hoffman, Freada Kapor Klein, & Van Jones

Van Jones of CNN’s Crossfire served as host and attendees feted an incredible group of honorees: Professor James I. Cash Ph.D.–James E. Robison Professor & Sr. Associate Dean, Emeritus Harvard Business School (board member of GE, Walmart, Chubb and former Microsoft board member), Marian Croak PhD – SVP of AT&T (holds 180 technology patents), Chinedu Echeruo–Inventor of HopStop (sold to Apple), well as Freada Kapor Klein PhD of Level Playing Field Institute, and Mitch Kapor of Kapor Capital (Creator of computer software Lotus 1-2-3). 

Event sponsors included: Belvedere, Mo√ęt Chandon, Bellucci Napoli, BET, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, HBO, Microsoft, NewsOne, South African Tourism, Viacom, and Vista Equity Partners.  

Guests flew in from around the world and included powerbrokers such as: Goldman Sachs partner Valetino D. Carlotti, Booz Allen partner Reginald Van Lee, international businessman Gbenga Oyebode, Marva Smalls of Viacom and Debra Lee, Chairman of BET and Lucinda Martinez of HBO.
Dennis Williams, Deborah Elam, Chinedu Echeruo,  & Van Jones

Mark Tatum & Debra Lee

On October 19th, Silicon Valley will have its own version of this brunch and I expect it to be spectacular!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

This week's flicks features music mogul Quincy Jones' two daughters (actress Rashida Jones (top) and model Kenya Kinski) attending a celebration event in honor of Rashida's new venture - as a columnist for Glamour Magazine. Her first piece devels into the "pornification of everything"  and is worth a read.

I'm catching up to email after a much needed period of rest and reflection so hang in there with me. I have some other really neat photos to share with you soon!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking A Few Weeks Off

Good people - your girl is beat!
So I'm taking a few weeks off.
In the meanwhile, consider working on your fabulous fall.plan.

You are meant to be awesome!

Chat with you soon!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

This week's flicks features some lovely smiling faces at The Links, Incorporated 39th National Assembly.
The conference was held in National Harbor, Maryland and hosted a record number of "Connecting Links" (husbands of Links). My hubby was in attendance and having quite the good time with one of his buddy Connecting Links. 

Yours truly was on the move - from Las Vegas to National Harbor (and working both conferences). So I asked my Sister Links to share some their photos!

Congratulations to the new National President of The Links, Incorporated Dr. Glenda Newell Harris. She is the first medical doctor to head the organization, so you should expect to hear lots of health related programming and activities during her administration.

Congratulations to the new National Vice President Kimberly Jeffries Leonard (in yellow) (photographed with Yvonne Cowser Yancy). 

And, congratulations to the new National Chair of Nominating, Kimberly Mumby Green (photographed with her husband). 

Thanks to Susan Leigh for submitting this photo of the Washington, DC Chapter of The Links posing with Immediate Past National President Margo James Copeland (center from in the green suit).

Thank you to Faith Thomas (second from the left) for sharing this photo of her and other Sister Links after the Memorial Service. Other identified Sister Links include (from left to right) Leigh Adams Slaughter, Joyce Adams Slaughter, Joyve Mosso Stokes, & Alma Stokes. 

Congratulations to Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancy (in green. She's a member of the Atlanta Links) on winning the National Services to Youth Award! This photo was submitted by her daughter. 
This photo is from the Civic Luncheon. Almost everyone wore statement hats to this event. 

A few cute photo of some members of the Bucks County, PA Chapter of The Links. 

Have a good weekend good people!

I'm implementing #31daysofsmiles next month! 

Do consider joining me! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

This week's flicks features two internationally renown models (Joan Smalls and Malaika Firth) attending Vogue Paris Foundation's Inaugural Gala. The event was held in honor of the contemporary collections at Musee Galliera in Paris.

Ms. Smalls wearing a gown that we mere mortals 
should never attempt to pull off unless we have a model's figure. 

Ms. Firth is cool elegance in this ombre gown from Burberry Prorsum