Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Get 'Em Girl's Guide - Grab A Copy!

We all know that an essential part of being a good socialite, is the ability to entertain in your home while providing a memorable meal. Some elect to use professional caterers and florists while others like me like to get their B. Smith & Martha Stewart on!

I really enjoy cooking when I can and my friends love my tasty delights. So, I am always on the hunt for a good, simple, unique cookbook. The Official Get Em' Girl's Guide to Unlocking The Power of Cuisine fit my qualifications perfectly. This book is so adorable! It is also very readable and well organized. It is now housed next to my Williams-Sonoma series on my kitchen bookshelf.

I met the sweet faced authors (Shakara Bridgers, Joan Davis, & Jeniece Isley) at the Harlem Book Fair last month and was immediately struck by the image of a girly pink tent in the sea of boring white tents everywhere. I rushed over and was greeted with iced tea, monkeybread samples, and smiles.

The Guide appears to target 20-somethings and I am...ahem...a bit older. But, I think any socialite (or aspiring socialite) can gain a great deal from scoring a copy of this little gem. The book contains food and etiquette tips along with an outstanding wine basics section, detail on necessary equipment to cook proper meals, table 101, and an assortment of great recipes including: steamed red snapper, shrimp egg rolls, sauteed garlic asparagus, and sweet and spicy ribs. There are Splenda recipes for the health conscious as well.

It is so worth the purchase. You won't be disappointed!

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