Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hark - Social Mountaineers On The Move!

Some of you are soooooo funny! My little pet project is all of one week old and I have breaking news….

I have spotted large herd of social mountaineers on the move as I peer down from my comfy-cozy socialite perch.

Socialites, prepare to fortify the bunker!

For your reading pleasure, a sample of some of the notes I have received (with dramatic inflection of course…)

Boo-hoo-hoo Ms. Black Socialite, how can I/we get coverage on your blog?

Boo-hoo-hoo Ms. Black Socialite, will you help get into (insert the name of any elite organization/club here)?

Well, since you asked darlings, I'll provide some enlightenment.

I am the ‘DECIDER’ of this blog. You can send photos and public relations plug to my email address. I’ll decide if it is interesting enough for me and others to read.

But, let’s be REAL clear about something. This is a not a party promoting/happy hour shout-out/dry chicken luncheon/me and my people are hangin’ out blog.

I could care less about 90% of the activities targeted to Black people.

I am truly only interested in the talented 10%.

The reason – most of our events are big yawners. They lack creativity. Rarely are men and women dressed appropriately at our functions. People walk around like they are waiting for a video director to yell ‘action!’

And, truthfully…the people gaining the most from these shing-dings are parking lot and club owners, various clothing stores, and Asian owned nail salons and weave stores.

Can you honestly say that you have been enriched culturally, spiritually, or emotionally from attending these tired events?

I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it before you answer…

Now…onto to the next question about will I help you achieve your personal social goals.

The answer is no.

Don’t be tacky by sending me interest letters. I don’t read them.

If you were good boy/girl scouts, you would have read my introductory posting very carefully. I promised to share ‘tips of the trade’ that will help you be successful in terms of achieving your goals.

I will not personally coach strangers aspiring to the ranks of socialite-dom.

My advice - keep reading and maybe you'll get in one day!