Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Honor of Mrs. Astor

The Queen Mother of New York Society for decades died yesterday at the age of 105. She lived an extremely charmed life as the Chair of the Vincent Astor Foundation and heir to the super-mega bucks Astor fortune. Mrs. Astor gave out more than $200 million to various organizations including The Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Unfortunately, she was at the epicenter of a dreadful elder abuse case towards the end of her life. We can all expect a very nasty court battle over her estate pitting son against father.

Yes, I know she's not Black...but like many wealthy White socialites, she contributed time and dollars to many causes that directly impacted the lives of Black people.

Her life should be is a lesson for all of those who aspire to the highest levels of socialite-dom. It is so important to give as much as you can to help improve the lives of others.

She is the last of an age gone by - a true original whose legacy will live on.