Monday, August 13, 2007

Pooped Yet Planning

I am so tired today it is unbelieveable. I also have a slight headache.

My sister suggested that I slow down but that's tough for me. I have invitations up to my eyeballs and it's hard for me to turn EVERYONE down.

So, I'm scratching through the list of events on my calendar today where my presence has been requested.

Maybe that's why my head hurts...anyhoo, enough of my woes...

Fall kicks off the BIG social season in most large cities and it's always a fun time of the year.

In September, my sorority (Alpha Kappa Alpha) comes off of summer hiatus - although some of us have been working like slaves orchestrating and planning different activities. We turn 100 next year and the machine is in full gear! All I can tell you right now is 'film at five' on the AKA Centennial Celebration in DC next year! Of course, yours truly will there with my lovely sorors as we paint the town pink and green.

My good buddy, who is the Prez of her huge Delta alumnae chapter, has been working feverishly on their chapter's 80th anniversary celebration this September. Since she is such a doll, a sister in Linkdom, and supports many AKA functions, me and a few of my Soror-Links will adorn our finery to honor their accomplishment.

After all, we are all Sistas in the struggle when our pearls and lace are removed.

In other news, I have a cute 'ladies who lunch' invitation for September for a restoration project of historic signifigance. But I think I'm going to pass.

A $150 per person ticket to chat and chew with a bunch of Suzies who will barely eat and pick over salads is not necessarily my idea of a good time. Plus, I recognized only one prominent Sista on the committee list. This is a tragedy given the number of Sista Socialites who would clamor at the opportunity to serve for this most worthy cause.

Another invite I am trying to see if I can squeeze out of my purse now is the Opening of the Opera Season in my hometown Philly. This Black Tie affair will teeter around $500 per person. Plus, I will have to find a costume (read: gown, shoes, and jewelry). So, we'll see.

And alas... it's always a 'bear' trying to find a gent to escort me to these types of affairs. I'll chat about that in another post.

I have other invites for at least four other Black Tie events during October and November including a Gala for my Links chapter.

Beyond the Black Tie soirees, I have book signings, restaurant openings, more ladies lunches, and other affairs! Oh my!

Quelle horror...when will I be able to catch a break?!