Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Rise (and possible fall) of an 'It Girl"

Many of you have tracked with great interest, the rise of Ms. Genevieve Jones of New York. For those who don't know, our gal somehow managed to pole vault over several other aspiring socialites. She landed a front page story in the Wall Street Journal last year. And, she scores great FREE clothes and hot events while appearing carefree and fun.

What is interesting is that many socialites, wannabees, mountaineers, questers, bloggers, and cluckers (read: chickenheads) seem to absolutely LOVE to hate Ms. Jones.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around it. After all, who is she hurting?

If you think that I am exaggerating, I dare you to conduct a Google search on Ms. Jones. Prepare to be shocked. The hate is crazy.

Some New York loons have speculated with jaw dropping accusations that she is really a prostitute since she refuses to disclose the source of her finances.

C’mon people! Who knew that being a prominent Black 'It Girl' would cause such a stir?

I have not met Ms. Jones but if I did, I would invite her to my favorite soul food restaurant for a good ole sista chat (she weights about 100 pounds and is reportedly 5’5). We would talk about the danger of swirling around primarily white circles which can have a lethal impact on your socialite status if you’re not careful.

Why you might ask?

Well, when you are a cute Black girl handling your socialite business like the White girls or better, the fangs come out dripping with racist innuendos straight from the plantation. These girls are so ruthless that you as a Sista will quickly be branded a whore and any other nasty reputation damaging descriptor these chicks can ooze out of their mouths so they can grab the spotlight back.

I think our girl has learned this lesson the hard way.

Now we all know some of those New York White socialite dolls will drop it like it’s hot for the right dollars. I guess that doesn’t matter when you have the complexion for the protection.

It also doesn’t matter how or why Genevieve Jones has reached such a high level of socialite-dom in a short period of time. Her accomplishments of landing on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and getting free designer clothing is enough for me to acknowledge her brilliance as a marketer.

There are whispers that the ride for her is over. If it is, it was a great one.

The lesson here is that there is real marketability in becoming a socialite. Plan accordingly.