Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Studying The Playbook of Jaci Reid

I, like many socialite watchers, have taken notice over the past few years of Jaci Reid and her husband Morris pictured here. They are really interesting. And those desiring socialite status should study the playbook.

The couple (who grew up as the children of single moms with working class roots) have carefully orchestrated a spectacular climb up the social ladders of New York by hosting a series of high profile fundraisers in the Hamptons for The Creative Coalition, VH1's Save The Music Foundation, and the NBA Wives Foundation.

Ms. Jaci doesn't miss a photo op, which is smart - media placement is so important to solidify your social status in certain markets. She also hires a publicist periodically to make sure the magic happens for her in terms of prime media coverage.

The dishy Jewish social press of NYC used what one could describe as microinequities when featuring the couple some months ago. Comments about Jaci's previous employment as a cocktail waitress and; how her and Morris were taking New York by "dizzle...drop by drop" were enough to make me clutch my heirloom pearls from Grandmother!

The writer continued with some evilness about how they are "renters" in the Hamptons. HELLO...WHO ISN'T A RENTER IN THE HAMPTONS?!

I don't get why that was necessary to include in a feature story about them.

Even the world's wealthest socialite rents in the Hamptons on occasion. Real estate prices there are crazy and who really wants to spend that kind of loot for a three month property?

Anyway...I digress...

I think there are a lot of haters in the atmosphere when it comes to Ms. Jaci and hubby Morris -but get over it. You too can make it to the highest level of socialite-dom with a well executed plan.
Here's a link to an interview Jaci conducted with Note how the white girl interviewer uses the dreaded "A" word to describe Jaci - a description reserved only for Black people according to diversity management research.
Oh well, you win some and lose others...

Hat's off to Ms. Jaci! You are doin' the thing BIG with a very hard crowd!
We're watching, girl.