Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Visiting Barclay Prime - Mark Wahlberg sighting

Last night, I met one of my closest friends at Barclay Prime - a hot restaurant located in downtown Philly. You may have seen the restaurant on The Food Network recently as the home of the very popular $100 Kobe Cheesesteak.

Although the spot has been opened for ages, we never made the time to dine there. So we figured that Tuesday night is as good as any night to grab a meal when the East Coast is in the middle of a heat wave. Shockingly, the spot was packed and loaded with all kinds of men (hint, hint ladies).

My friend just came in from the Jersey Shore by way of Florida with a great tan and comfy sundress. I literally just skirted the night before after attending a uber-fab wedding in Victoria, British Columbia (more to come on that junket soon).

We immediately took to the bar because our table was being held up by actor Mark Wahlberg (aka rapper Marky Mark for you ole heads) who scooted in to eat. Apparently, he's in Philly filming a new pic and frequently dines at Barclay Prime. The waiter sat me in the same seat that Mark was sitting in and giggled the entire time while serving us.

Let me say that the food was outstanding and the staff was great! The Mango Martini was incredible and a great prelude to soft shell crab and the Kobe beef tartare appetizers. Our meal consisted of chopped salad, the 12 oz filet (that we split), broccolini, and mashed potatoes. The steak (among the best I have ever had) was topped by a caramelized shallot sauce created in a beef reduction. I topped the meal off with the Peach Melba sorbet which was simply amazing.

The only bad news about the restaurant is that it is dark as hell and the music was blasting. For some reason The O'Jays 'Backstabbers' was playing so loud that both me and my friend believed that some back of the house politics were taking place.

Perhaps someone was trying to send a "message."

Anyhoo, we hung out until after 11PM with our tummies full and floating on Cloud Nine. I'll be back for more although I'll past on the $100 cheesesteak.