Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maggie Betts - One To Watch

I'm busy trying to find information to share with you about Ms. Maggie - a Sista Socialite who doesn't mind cheesing for the cameras.

Here's what I uncovered so far. Ms. Maggie (nee Margaret) is super close to The Bush Twins and is known to hang out with them frequently. She is the daughter of Roland Betts, developer of Chelsea Piers in New York City and mom Lois. The Betts' have been married for more than 30 years and have another daughter named Jessica.

Now, although Roland Betts is a card carryin' liberal Democrat - he is extremely tight with President George Bush. They are frat brothers in Delta Kappa Epsilon from Yale and were at one time, part owners of the Texas Rangers. Roland Betts also was a major contributor to the 2000 Bush Presidential Campaign. The Bushes also vacation with The Betts at their various vacation homes.

Doesn't wealth make for the most interesting 'bed fellows?'

In spite of my super sleuthing efforts, I have not been able to find out the age, occupation, or residence information on Ms. Maggie. So, as I find out more scoop, I'll share it with you.
And - if you happen to be a better sleuth than yours truly
(and I know based on the emails I receive that some of you are),
don't hestitate to share your findings with all
of the fabulous readers of The Black Socialite.
After all, isn't that why we're all here?

Maggie with Zani Gugelmann (left) and Meridith Melling Burke at the New Yorkers for Children party at Saks Fifth Avenue on September 6, 2007

Kristian LaLiberte and Maggie are all hugged up at the Apollo Theater Foundatin Spring Benefit on June 11, 2007

Maggie at the Elise Overland Party on May 23, 2007

Maggie with Kate Schelter at a Zac Posen After Party in February 7, 2007

Ms. Maggie & Barbara Bush at a 2006 UNICEF Benefit where they served as Event Co-Chairs

Jessica, Lois, & Roland Betts at a 2006 Benefit for Ballet Hispanico