Thursday, September 6, 2007

Partying Like A Rock Star

Over the Labor Day Weekend, I decided to let my hair down at a BIG 'Sundae' (get it?) Block Party in Philadelphia deejayed by a good friend and big brother - Terry Alford.

The party took place in back of The Bubble House on the campus of University of Pennsylvania and as you can see from the flick above, it was packed with people having a good time.

It was a blast to reconnect with buddies from our colleges days and dance for hours. Several of our friends brought their children to the Block Party as well which was delightful to see.

We still scratch our heads in disbelief that many in our crew are now the parents of teenagers.

Without question, Terry is one of the best deejays around. He is also the owner/operator of Funky People Productions who creates events beyond the standard norm. Terry is a humble guy who seldom takes credit for training and mentoring many of the so-called 'hot' deejays playing in Miami, NYC, and DC now.

He really gets that music is so much more than same ole tired songs that are pre-programmed by Clear Channel throughout most major markets.

Even club deejays have fallen into the boring pattern of replicating what's played on the radio.

No wonder people just sit around in clubs and look at each other. The experience most deejays offer in clubs now is no different than listening to the radio in your car.

I'll give you an example.

Have you heard a club music remix of 'Family' from the motion picture Dreamgirls?

Probably not.

In between partying, I was treated to sake shots at the bar by Asian male business students who attend Wharton. Complements flowed on my makeup, hair and my burnt orange and red safari patterned silk shirt. I felt pretty good that I could still turn the heads of young and older men.

Plus, if your gear and face is not 'tight' - trust me that the 'children' will not shoot praise in your direction. We all know that many Black gay folks do not play when it come to fashion and creativity.

I also bumped into Ms. Vee - a sensational 'queen' hairstylist who uses to whip many heads in shape back in the day. It was great to see Ms. Vee while we laughed and reminisced about the club kid days of the late 80s and early 90s.

After The Bubble House party - we hung out in a few clubs in Philly including Swanky Bubbles and The Monkey Bar where I enjoyed apple martinis - one of my favs. The 'children' were in full effect everywhere bopping around with hot club gear and partying up a storm.

On or around 3AM (I was kinda groggy so I don't remember much), the crew landed at a diner to chew on some rubber pancakes.

I strolled into my house around 4:30AM for an early morning interrogation by my kitty who believed that her mother lost her mind. I picked her up while she was still in full fuss mode and rolled into bed.

I woke up about 11AM with club tunes still dancing in my head with kitty sniffing my breathe. I guess I smelled pretty toxic. My booty and legs were sore while I hobbled around from room to room.

I later received a call from one of my guy buddies on my mobile phone who was "checking to see if I was OK' as he laughed in my ear.

See normally - I attend very swank and conservative affairs. Rarely will yours truly land in a club. And hanging out until the wee hours of morning is not my traditional modus operanti.

But one thing is for sure.

You gotta have those times when you just let it rip- if you know what I mean.

It's good for the soul and spirit to be free periodically.

Photo credit: DJ Venus