Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Socialite Balancing Act

Today is all about cooling out in preparation for the upcoming week - otherwise known as the balancing act.

I have a few invites to some upcoming restaurant openings, so I’ll see how I can fit one or two into my already extra crisp crazy schedule. Plus, I’m combing through the slew of emails I received in the past week.

I appreciate every note I receive and I will try to answer them personally as much as I can.

Do me a favor and give me some time to get back to you before sending me a follow up note.

And, when I receive the same types of inquires, I will address the issue on the blog.

So, a bit of housekeeping is in order.

I’ve had several inquires via email regarding my list of ‘Super Black Socialites’ and what is the criteria.

It’s quite simple.

The ‘Super Black Socialites’ on this list are people who are deeply embedded in the social fabric of the community and are philanthropically driven. They donate a significant amount of their resources (money, time, networks, etc.) to improving the lives of others.

They have mastered the 'balancing act' what being a socialite is all about - having fun, helping others, and serving as examples for our young people to emulate.

And, while they may have a ‘home base’ in terms of where they reside geographically, many of the Super Black Socialites’ activities and networks are at least national (and some are global) in scope.

In other words, Super Black Socialites are not ‘posted up on their blocks’ to use the slang terminology to describe provincialism. They keep it moving.

My list is in its infancy and is not by any means exhaustive nor complete. More names will be added in the future.

If you know someone who should be included, feel free to share information with me.

Perhaps, they’ll make the cut.