Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where is the Essence Coverage on HSH Princess Angela?

I received my new Essence Magazine in the mail today with squawker Keisha Coles on the cover and yet another story about Chief Clucker Kim Porter.
I think I'm going to cancel my subscription.
I'm in my late 30s and could care less about most of the people who grace their covers.
Meanwhile, seven years have passed since the wedding of HSH Princess Angela and HSH Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein and Essence has yet to cover this story.
Are they sleeping at the wheel or what?
For those not in the 'know,' HSH Princess Angela was 42 years old and working in New York as a fashion designer when she married into this very wealthly royal family.
HSH Prince Maximilian is several years her junior.
By all accounts in the European Press, the couple is still very happily married.
This wedding was completely ignored by the American press -
who we all know is very obsessed with royality.
Don't you find that interesting...
HSH Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (wearing the family's crown jewels) and HSH Maximilian at their 2000 wedding in New York City
HSH Prince Maximilian holding their son, the super cute Prince Alfons Constantin Maria (now six years old) with HSH Princess Angela at a royal family outing

The BIG question...why hasn't Essence (who markets themselves as the voice to empower Black women) done a story on her either?

Maybe you should drop their editor (whose name ironically is Angela) a note if you would like news on HSH Princess Angela.