Tuesday, October 9, 2007

B-Boys & Girls Tryin' To Perpetrate The Fraud

As of today, there have been than 7,600 page views since we started on this journey together and the email is incredible.

You are soooooo fabulous!

Some of your notes have been beautiful and heartwarming. Many of you have commented that seeing talented, attractive, successful Black people has provided you both professional and personal inspiration. That’s great news and I will continue to strive for excellence.

However…I gotta call some of you on the carpet.

Some scandalous trolls have tried to pull the ‘wool’ over my eyes and pass yourselves (or your friends/relatives/fan base) as members of the Black Socialite Set. Consider reading some of my August postings on ‘Defining The Black Socialite,’ ‘Becoming A Black Socialite,’ and ‘Cracking The Black Socialite Code’ before contacting me about inclusion or coverage on this blog.

As a word of caution, I am pretty darn good at sniffing out perps lying about membership in any of the organizations I have listed on this blog. And, keep in mind that membership in said organizations does not necessarily make you a member of The Black Elite (although many members of The Black Elite belong to a slew of organizations).

Some other folks are just vicious self promoters looking for press. OK...that's all good but I live by the evidence based model of Socialite-dom. Your picture appearing one or two times on some magazine's 'party page,' on your MySpace or Facebook page, etc. does not necessarily make you a Socialite.

Just so that we are all on the same page, believe that I verify Socialite Status before I write about anyone on this blog. This blog has been hyperlinked to The Washington Post, The New York Times, and numerous other blogs, listservs, and chat rooms.

So understand me clearly when I say that there is no way that I will allow bogus rogues to self promote without any supporting data demonstrating that they are truly a part of the tribe.

Remember that The Black Elite is super small and it takes just a phone call or email to check someone out.

Until we meet again!