Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Flick

Here's our gal and Super Black Socialite Ms. Melody Hobson (President of Ariel Capital Management) with her boyfriend George Lucas (yes...that George Lucas!) at the 25th Anniversary Princess Grace Awards Gala at Sotheby's in New York City yesterday.

I think they look great in this flick and she looks especially happy! I think she is getting better looking with age.
If her face is familiar, it's because she is the Financial Advisor for Good Morning America.
The couple has been dating for quite some time now and rumor has it that a mega fab wedding may be in the works. Of course, I'll keep you posted if I hear any new news.

Now...some of you have been beating up yours truly due to my lack of posting recently.

OK...I'm leaning forward towards the screen so that you can smack me in the head...

OUCH...not so hard - remember I have events to attend and I can not have visable lumps that makeup can't cover!!

I'm back in commission and on the grind - we have sooooo much catching up to do.

In the meanwhile, have fun this weekend - I sure plan to!