Monday, November 26, 2007

Collapse from Turkey Coma & Other Affairs

I ate a good deal of food this weekend like so many other Black folks this weekend. And, now I’m wobbling around feeling sleepy. I’m working on keeping myself together so that I can continue to fit into my attire for the rest of this year and the next.

But, good grief…it’s hard work.

This month kicks off the “eating season” - a straight graze from now until the end of February. I am determined not to put on the thirteen pounds I worked like mad to lose earlier this year.

Thanksgiving was delightful with the family. It was quite relaxing after all of the meal preparation was completed. We treat the holiday as a weekend long food fest making several visits to Mom’s to heat and re-heat meals. Our Grandmother always spoke of the “second day of seasoning” – meaning that the food seemed to taste better the day after.

I also made time to celebrate the holiday with some close friends whose parents were visiting from Canada. We indulged at a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant after enjoying a delightful operatic performance of Hansel and Gretel. Our party of nine nibbled on yummy delights of fried zucchini chips, grilled shrimp and octopus, along with watercress salad. Our meals included steak, lamb chops, wild Atlantic salmon, and Chilean sea bass. Dessert ran the gamut of gelatos, sorbets, and chocolate cake. My special friend enjoyed the food and the fellowship offered over the weekend tremendously.

I elected not to participate in “Cyber Monday” today because I tend to buy my gifts all at one time from one or two select stores. So, I’ll work on that next week.

This week is busy as usually with three invites for activities. Two are club openings, and one is for a combined event featuring dinner, an art exhibit, and a show by jazz drummer Cindy Blackman (formerly on tour with Lenny Kravitz). And, naturally the holiday invites are pouring in now so I’m working on coordinating schedules as we speak.

I am also uploading scores of photos to share with you soon. Some of them include many our favorite Super Socialites in action!

Until We Chat Again - Cheers!