Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Gala, Kayne, Linda, and November

I am already feeling like November is a “bear” of a month. Strikingly, it’s already the 14th and I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what happened to November 1-13.

This week, it’s all about wrapping up some key projects at work and preparing for the Philadelphia Links gala this Saturday. All of the Black Socialite glitterati are expected to attend donning tuxedos, furs, and finery while hob knobbing with The Links National President.

I’ll run out in the next day or so to finalize my accessories for my gown so I can spend Saturday relaxing and beautifying myself (yes, it takes me more than a few minutes to get ready for events!)

My gent has his tux ready to go and has already lined up several ladies to dance with since he's knows I'll be busy pressing the flesh.

It should be a good time and of course, I'll make sure to cover chapter and verse for you .

In other news, I have to tell you that my mind has been incredibly preoccupied with thoughts of rapper Kayne West regarding the death of his beloved mother and of the gruesome murder of socialite Linda Stein.

I know some of my New York readers have mixed emotions about the circumstances leading to Stein’s death but folks you gotta admit that your heart has to feel a little extra heavy knowing that she died allegedly at the hands of a young Sista .

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a racial loyalist who hates to hear bad news about Black people.

Other whispers from the Black Socialite set in the Big Apple is that handsome, tall, and rich Brother Socialite/Investment Banker John Utendahl may be back on the "meet market."

Apparently, he and Tyra Banks have called it splits reportedly after confirming that they are not engaged. I know some Sistas Socialites who are thrilled by this news and can't wait to bump into John at the next glittering affair.

John is quite interesting and I'll profile him in an upcoming posting.

So Socialite Campers, I'll be back at ya soon with lots more to share!

In the meanwhile, start getting your holiday recipes and soiree calendars together.

2007 is almost a wrap!