Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving As The Socialite 'Chef'

Today, I am writing my list of last minutes items to pick up for Thanksgiving. I'm serving as 'head chef' for my immediate family and I'm actually looking forward to it.

The turkey, cornbread mix, string beans, smoked turkey parts, and red potatoes are sitting at Mom's house - leaving me to pick up collard greens, turnips, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberries tomorrow. My older sister has mac and cheese duty along with cornbread and desserts. Mommy plans to cook the string beans and red potatoes together with herbs.

I am also considering putting some oxtails in the crockpot with some vegs too - but we'll see.

So, my plan tomorrow (after I get my nails done) is to head over to Mom's to start cooking - especially since she gave me the gentle nudge that she does not want to wait on dinner Thursday. She likes to eat very early - around 3PM - so that we can watch TV and movies together for the remainder of the evening. My sister and I like to give her wine so that she can giggle (Mom doesn't indulge at all).

Mom is the caretaker for our Grandmother who is the family's matriarch and survives on a feeding tube. So we will do anything we can to brighten her spirits. In her 'day' Grandmother was very much the Socialite Diva and continues to serve as an inspiration for me.

My brother in law will usually chat us up about sports, the latest news, and entertainment. My Mom's cat - a very chatty, plump Calico - will beg us for scraps and naturally, we'll make sure that she has her own mini plate of offerings.

I usually receive several invites to house hop on Thanksgiving that I graciously decline. I look at this holiday particularly as a time to relax, bond, and catch up with the folks.

My special friend and I will play 'meet the families' officially this holiday season and we are currently coordinating schedules. Last night, we looked at a bunch of invitations to decide where we would land from now until February, 2008.

We are still pooped from attending an extraordinary gala last weekend where everyone danced all night (I'll fill you in soon). This weekend, we plan to take a ride to catch the remaining fall foilage, attend the Opera, and have dinner with friends whose family is arriving from Canada tomorrow.

The Canadians are thrilled that the US dollar is tanking in value in time for the shopping season(quelle horror!)

Anyway, I'm off to the races at the supermarket early morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! I am most thankful for you after more than 13, 300 page views as of today. Your emails and comments encourage me to continue.

And, indeed - there will be lots to share before we end this year!