Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Larry's List of The Black Social Elite

Every few years, we hear from Lawrence Otis Graham, self appointed expert on the Black Social Elite. His book Our Kind of People sent ripples of outcry and some celebration throughout Black America upon its release in 1999.

Our Kind of People is in a lot of ways, a pioneering work that chronicles the continuing pervasiveness of some socio-cultural norms within The Black Social Elite. However, the book lacks proper documentation of source material which drives me batty. Nonetheless, it is still considered a ‘must read’ for scholars, questers, and aspirants as the 21st Century’s contribution to uncovering this often misunderstood and evasive group.

Well, our boy is back according to The Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Annette John-Hall with The Our Kind of People 800 Social Register. Graham suggests that this list (which will include only the most elite Black families in America) will serve as a counter balance to the negative imagery of some hip-hop music and popular reality shows like Flavor of Love.

What can I possibly say?

If you feel inspired, email Graham directly to have you and your clan considered for possible inclusion.

Before you shoot him a note, keep in mind that Graham is big on Ivy League degrees, lineage, and other criteria that is considered obsolete by many in the Black Social Elite.