Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting Ready for 2008

My holiday season was marked with a great deal of merriment and celebration – outside of being plagued again with a hateful cold yet again. I know that I am Vitamin C deficient so I am working on getting better by drinking lots of OJ and taking an extra 500 ml of Vitamin C each day (on top of my standard multivitamin).

Being around scores of people on a regular basis can compromise one’s immune system so I’ve adopted some germ-o-phobic behaviors to make sure that this is the last time I will fall prey to a cold!

I am in good company with sickness as so many people I come into contact with are struggling. In retrospect, perhaps my holiday was soooo delightful due to my drug induced haze of cold medicine and home remedies with an alcoholic base (grins).

In spite of being under the proverbial weather, I hopped to a few gatherings held by my close friends. The universe and timing being what it is, resulted in all of the activities being scheduled within days of each other. Yet, I was determined to be up to the challenge of zooming around the city with my special friend in tow. We scooted to a sit down dinner with three other couples, a Kwanzaa celebration, and a downtown swinging open house of movers and shakers in the local arts and culture community. Each event was uniquely delightful.

My Socialite buddies attended fab soirees like the Atlanta Mayor’s Masked Ball, The Philadelphia Links Gala, Atlanta Links Cluster Christmas Party, in addition to Boule and Guardsmen’s Christmas Parties in various cities. I’ll upload some photos from some of these events soon I promise.

Of course, all of the parties were marked with banter and interesting conversation ranging from politics on every level, educating Black children properly, and the terrible financial projections for 2008. There are not too many people who aren’t feeling a severe bite in the pocketbooks after paying for gas and other basic necessities. Fresh fruit (which I consider a necessity) is extraordinarily expensive and it bugs the hell outta of me.

The financial pitch is forcing frugality with Black Socialites across the country. Even the Grand Divas of Socialite-Dom in various cities have been spotted out wearing the same dress more than twice. I am known for a sleeveless black velvet empire style gown for winter events. This gown has been to so many activities that it knows my social calendar better than I do!

Trust me, no one will judge you for wearing a gown, suit, or dress multiple time because the smart and thrifty are all doing the same thing!

This week I’m culling through more invitations and being very choosy about what I plan attend for the first quarter of 2008. I actually strive to work on pretty strict ‘entertainment’ and ‘organizations’ line items in my overall budget. I’m also a ‘cash girl’ – which means that I pay for my Socialite activities in cash versus using credit cards.

I have two Links events on my docket right now and this is the BIG Centennial year for Alpha Kappa Alpha! Of course, I have to be ready to go, go, go!

It’s exciting to see this milestone in the life of the Sorority! I will have my face in the place for the North Atlantic Regional Conference in Philadelphia and in Washington, DC for the Centennial Boule.

Right now, I’m on the hunt for some hot pink and green finery to wear.

We’ll chat some more as 2008 is shaping up to be quite the intriguing year.