Monday, January 14, 2008

Pamela Joyner's 'Unmasking' Fundraising

Pamela and husband Alfred (Fred) Guiffrida enjoying their ball with another couple

The entryway to Pamela Joyner's new home

Pamela and hubby Fred Guiffrida masked

Pamela and designer B. Michael

Super Sista Socialite Pamela Joyner and husband Alfred (Fred) Guiffrida held an incredibly fabulous fundraiser at their beautiful new home in San Francisco last October.

The dynamic duo serve on the Board of Directors for the Landmine Survivors Network and decided to combine two events in one by giving a charitable spin on their housewarming party.

The event raised more than $200,000.

The idea formed to host a masked ball to 'unmask' their house for all of the event attendees. The home (which was built in 1909) went under a multi-million dollar renovation to
restore it to its prior glory.

Pamela (who always looks smashing) favors designer B. Michael to dress her for formal events. A Socialite fan favorite on the West Coast, she is routinely voted as 'Best Dressed' by the readers of various San Francisco area publications.

Now you and I both know that it is big when (ahem) we are acknowledged in this way.

Pamela is a graduate of Dartmouth and Harvard and owns Avid Partners LLC. She was recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for Sharper Image. I always liked Sharper Image's products and I feel even more enthusiastic about spending my money with them since they have a Sista on the Board.

Pamela is also on the Board of the San Francisco Ballet and a huge supporter of the city's Opera. Hubby Fred is Managing Director of Horsley Bridge Partners.
OK, everyone - let's stand up and give Pamela a round of applause for representing the Sistas with style and grace on the West Coast (clap, clap, clap!)
Photos: Drew Altizer for a bunch of pubs including SF & Nob Hill Gazette
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