Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sista Socialites Absent From New Bravo Show

This weekend was filled with great chatter among me and my buddies. We talked the latest in politics of course, winter skin care, and plans for the Spring.

After dishing on the latest news in the world of Black Socialites, I decided to turn the tone a bit by asking this question:

"Why aren't there any Sista Socialites on the new Bravo show 'Real Housewives of New York?"

For those of you who are not Bravo TV reality show junkies like yours truly, I'll provide brief a background.

Bravo has a slew of what I consider to be interesting and good quality reality shows including Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (co-hosted by Sista model Veronica Webb) and Project Runway. I have always appreciated Bravo's diverse casting and consider them one of my favorite TV stations.

One of my garbage TV indulgences was The Real Housewives of Orange County (CA). The show chronicles the lives of a group of wealthy white women living in a gated community. After a few seasons, Real Housewives worn thin for me due to its lack of Sista representation.

So, when I heard Bravo's plans to create a spin off of 'Real Housewives' based in New York City, I thought to myself , "OK, they'll probably have at least one Sista on the show."


Imagine my surprise when the above press flick was issued.

Black Socialite Community - we have yet another call to arms.

This is the comment form for Bravo. Tell them that you find it shocking that not one Black woman is on this show. Feel free share this link with your like minded friends too.

Bravo is as wrong as two cheap left shoes with this one...