Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Town & Country Mag Features Prominent Sistas

Town & Country Magazine outdid themselves with the February 2008 issue.

A 12 page section on Women & Wealth provides useful financial tips for ladies of all income brackets. The section includes info on how to work with financial pros, teaching children the value of money, and lots of helpful advice.

A full two page spread features Super Sista Socialite Susan Fales-Hill (#2 favorite on our readers' poll) who provides her routine for an evening out, her purse essentials, fashion advice, the items she can't live without, favorite charity, and how to recover from a long night out.

I often forget that among the many roles she juggles, Susan is also the mother of an active four year old. I tip my hat to you Girl for doing it BIG with style and grace.

There is also a nice feature on Sista Sommelier Lee Campbell (small pic) of New York City's Provence Restaurant. Lee is consider tops in the Big Apple for her wine knowledge. She also managed a boutique wine shop named Harlem Vintage.
T&C has done a good job of 'walking the walk' in recent years with its multicultural coverage and should be commended (and encouraged to continue). They continously feature Sista Socialites from all over the US each month.
If you like what you see inside the mag, feel free to send them a note of thanks for covering the elegant side of the Black Socialite lifestyle. Also, you may consider providing them suggestions of Sista Socialites you would like to see grace their pages.