Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wentworth Miller's Connection To The Black Elite

A fan of this blog and of actor Wentworth Earl Miller III (top picture) sent this very interesting story of the actor's family reunion last November. Miller is best known for his starring role on FOX's Prison Break.

I first became aware of Miller's talent in the movie The Human Stain. If you haven't seen it, you'll should check it out.
Miller is related to one of the first Black doctors in Tennessee - Dr. Greene Fort Pinkson (bottom picture). Descendants of Dr. Greene Fort Pinkson gathered in Memphis to celebrate his legacy. Dr. Pinkson worked his way through Meharry Medical School and ensured that all of his children were college graduates.

Is it me or does Miller bear a striking resemblance to late Dr. Pinkson?

Miller (whose racially ambiguous look has been fodder for the media) has never denied his racial identity. Miller's Black father is a Rhodes Scholar and the family has lived in both England and Brooklyn.
Miller later attended Princeton University (earning a degree in English Literature) and got into quite an interesting tift with Dr. Cornel West. Miller recalled the story years later in The New Yorker.

I love genealogical studies - it's really fascinating.
And, it proves one thing to be true - you just never know who's who these days...