Sunday, February 10, 2008

The List of Super Socialites

Many of you want to know the criteria of The List of Super Black Socialites, who's in and out, and why there is a list at all.

The people on this list (listers) are prominent thought leaders and influencers in various professional and/or social arenas. The list provides tangible role models for Socialite aspirants and future generations to emulate.

More than 80% are "Google-able." You can use this tool to get a pretty good snapshot of who they are and their social activities of choice.

The majority of listers appear on scores of prominent charitable organizations' committees and boards. Several of them are members of BSE organizations but BSE membership is not a requirement.

How does one make the list?

Many of the listers I know personally and can vouch for their Socialite status. Others have made the list by the suggestion of readers. Some are just so gosh-darn fabulous with national stellar reputations that it would be crazy not to include them.

All them (regardless of degrees and pedigrees) are self made successes. The family did not hand them the keys to the Kingdom. The 'lazy legacy' clause does not apply here.

Got nominees? Shoot me an email with a brief note as to why the person/couple should be included.

An investigative report will be launched to determine whether or not the person/couple should be added. This list is assembled with assistance of a nation wide network of folks who know the deal.'s that serious.