Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reginald Van Lee & Other Chatter

Reginald Van Lee with Patricia and Lloyd Howell at the Evidence Dance Company's Red Ball

Ms. Audrey J. Bernard has been covering the Black Society scene for years. She provides us a good story on our guy Reginald Van Lee who was profiled on this blog back in August 2007.

Apparently, Mr. Van Lee’s philanthropic activities keep him zooming around. He leveraged his company to serve as a primary sponsor of Multicultural Audience Development Initiative (MADI) Advisory Committee of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s first Multicultural Winter Benefit (An Evening of Many Cultures) last month.

Linda Zango-Haley (Immediate Past President of the Greater New York Chapter of The Links), Sandra Jackson Berger (Links Eastern Area Chair of The Arts Facet) served on the gala committee along with Spike Lee’s wife Tonya Lewis Lee and realtor-socialite Spenser David Means.

Lean closer - this is sidebar chatter for Socialite score card keepers - I was with Sandra Jackson Berger at a Super Bowl party full of Links earlier this month. She is full of energy and vigor. Spenser David Means served as an inspiration for one of the characters in Tonya Lewis Lee and Crystal McCrary Anthony ‘s book Gotham Diaries (a fictional work about New York’s BSE). Those two women make me sick with their lanky model-type good looks in spite of having children! Means meanwhile is still managing to close multi-million dollar real estate deals in spite of this economic climate.

Anyway…back to Mr. Van Lee. He was also all of the rage at the Evidence Dance Company’s Winter Gala, “Grace in Winter” The Red Ball earlier this month at the Hudson Theater in the Millennium Broadway Hotel.

Ski Diva (a great friend to this blog) sent me a bunch of photos of this event via email (thanks girl!) I’ll do a big ole’ photo gallery for Friday for your viewing pleasure.

And, guess what gang?

I hear your requests for more pictures, interviews, and features – so I’m doing my best to accommodate you. Thanks for the emails! I'm scrambling to answer as many of you as possible.

Although I must say…you’re quite the demanding bunch… (grins)

I’m working on a feature about a designer whose work caused quite the email buzz in the past few weeks. That feature will appear (with great photos supplied of course!) in the next few days.

Also, a member of ‘Team Jaci’ forwarded me a LOAD of photos (like close to 30) to share with you of Mrs. Reid’s activities this month. The flicks are wonderful and feature some of our other favorite Sista Socialites as well. But, I got an email today from Jaci's lead publicist asking me to hold off on the coverage because they have even more photos to send my way.

Stay tuned…

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