Sunday, February 17, 2008

Remain Hopeful For Love

I'm gonna veer off topic of Black Socialites for one moment so bear with me good people...

I decided not to post mushy Valentine's Day stories because quite frankly, many readers of this blog are single. Several of you have confided in me via email about your dating challenges, opportunities, and hopes.

You've told me that enjoy seeing all types of couples featured on this blog but long for a partner of your own.

And while some of are content in Singleness, someone else's love story may have been bit too much on Valentine's Day.

I understand.
But the 'half full' optimist in me wants to share some interesting love stories with you.

If you pick up the February 18th issue of Jet Magazine, you'll see a photo of one of my Sister Links Angela Huggins who married Russell Crockett last year in the wedding photos section. They are both in their 70s.

Think about the lives, loves, joys, disappointments, set backs, failures, and celebrations of all of these people. But they never ruled out love as a possibility even when they were hurt.

I sure hope that those of you desiring a partner will remain hopeful and faithful that the right person will come along.

I will share of few details of what Special Friend and I did to celebrate the holiday in a future posting.

But know that it's never too late for you to find someone special.