Sunday, February 3, 2008

Understanding The Black Socialite Blog

I first posted on the topic of 'Defining The Black Socialite' last August. It was my intention to provide some context around an extremely broad paradigm. However, recent comments regarding what constitutes a Black Socialite and Black Socialite activities (via my email and the story about Jaci Reid’s winter plans) led me to post this today.

As many of you are aware, the story of the Black Social Elite (BSE) is wrapped in duality. The BSE often assumes a carefully constructed work persona to later return home to the comfort and solace of like minded Sistas and Brothers. Some of us elect to participate in various predominately Black social organizations while others develop their own unique sense of community.

Long term readers of The Black Socialite know that the definition of Black Socialites and the BSE will shift based on geographical location and local cultural norms. So, one town’s debutante ball may be the rave while another town’s state fair gala held in the basement of a church is the must attend event of the year.

Lean closer to the computer, so that you can hear me when I say this...

The Black Socialite is my interpretation of a largely underrepresented segment of Black America from an insider’s viewpoint. I provide a rich tapestry of images and stories that is in sharp contrast of persistent stereotypes of Black people. My viewpoint comes from years of study, investigation, and interaction with the BSE.

My approach is that of citizen-journalist-diarist.

If the core supposition of The Black Socialite does not suit your fancy, I encourage you to seek out other blogs that will fulfill your need state - or start your own.

At least ten blogs have launched that were directly inspired by The Black Socialite. I am extremely proud and honored that this baby-blog has especially encouraged more Sistas hop into the blogosphere.

Go get ‘em Girls!

I want to be crystal clear about something with you.

It is deliberate that The Black Socialite is not infused with divisive socio-political banter and it is unlikely that it ever will be – although many would argue asserting this image of the BSE is highly socio-political. I won’t ever dispute that point as we all see the world through our unique lens.

At the same time, it does not mean that traces of divisive discussions may not penetrate our Black Socialite Community on this site. It’s OK with me so long as the discourse eventually shifts back to the primary purpose of The Black Socialite – which focuses on the lifestyles of Black Socialites.

The images and content here will be largely positive, period.

I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to email me, post comments, and engage in our Black Socialite Community.

Blogging is a grind and you give me reason to compromise my manicures each time I post (grins)!

Gotta go beat my face and hair now for a New York Giants themed Super Bowl party with one of the Super Socialites on this list.

Shout out to my people in New England and I don't mean any harm to you, but I really hope The Giants beat the ole cheating Patriots who make me absolutely sick with their dishonesty.

I'll read the hate emails when I get home tonight (hee, hee).

Cheers all!