Monday, March 3, 2008

Houston Socialites Help Raise $2.1M

Kase & Eileen Lawal featured with The Cranes

An elegant dinner served under the tent

Kimberly Nichols (pictured right)

Deidra and Terrance Fountaine with Houston's Mayor Bill White

Several of our favorite Houston Socialites were in attendance at a February 23rd gala to help raise money for a $122M downtown Houston park project.

The event was Co-Chaired by Kase & Eileen Lawal who helped to raise $2.1M towards the project. Green was the color theme and everyone seemed to have a great time.
I gotta be honest with you...I'm a bit green that the Houston Socialites are pulling in big bucks like this for their favorite charities.
Seems like some of us in other major cities better start stepping up our game!