Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Socialite Planning Mode

It's rainy on my side of the world and I will be crawling into bed soon. The remainder of this week is busy so I need to re-energize.

However, with Spring right on our doorstep - I'm already planning for the season and beyond.

I have some must attend events between now and May, so I'm working on updating the wardrobe with some of the hot trends of Spring 08.

I rarely go crazy with the latest and greatest, opting instead to raid my Grandmother's and Mother's closets because after all - everything that's old is new again.

I also started working on my 2009 Social Calendar last week and plan to have it completed before month's end.

Yes, I plan that far in advance...

I'm having lunch/dinner with leaders in some of my favorite charitable organizations (my local Opera company and Girls, Inc. branch) to prepare for 09 fundraising and activities over the next month.

Some of the 'heavy hitters' on the Social Scene are tapped for dollars and support years in advance so, we'll be working on mapping out our strategies to lure some of them in our direction.

If you desire to reach Socialite-dom, this is part of the responsibility. It is not simply about appearing on the Scene polished, poised, and ready for action. It's also about helping to sustain and grow organizations of value to your respective community.

We'll chat soon about how to build these relationships (and the cost factor of maintaining them) in a future posting.

Have a great evening all!