Thursday, March 20, 2008

Workin' For The Weekend

Big Yawn!!!!

I'm going to bed in about 10 minutes everyone. I've been traveling so it's nice to be home for a bit to feel the comfort of my own space.

This weekend is a grind with travel too as I'm headed to the Big Apple for the Greater New York Chapter of The Links, Incorporated Annual Easter Luncheon Fashion Show.

It will be a lot of fun I'm sure and yes...I will have LOTS of photos for you barring no technical difficulties beyond my control (grins).

Sunday is 'TV Church' (I can't stand going to church on Easter Sunday) and dinner with my family.

So, now you see why I'm hitting the beddie-by early. I'm workin' for the weekend.

OH! Before I forget...I also have some more good news to share with you.

Various postings from this blog have been picked by Reuters in addition to my new BFFs - The Chicago Sun Times. I extend welcome to the new readers coming from these news sites and I encourage your positive participation in our Black Socialite Community.

I also owe a great deal to those of you who keep me busy by providing great content and comments. My email and mobile phone was loaded today with scoop, tips, and pics (wow!)

My blog meter has captured more than 26,000 total visits, 56,000 total page views, and close to 2,000 visits each week in seven months of existence. This makes me very proud as this traffic is primarily driven by word of mouth. Thanks a lot!

Have a good night all and be on the lookout for 'Friday's Fabulous Flick' tomorrow!