Thursday, April 24, 2008

Got Style?

Thanks to those of you who sent notes complementing me on my recent three part series Becoming a Socialite. Those stories were hyperlinked all over the space!

It’s good to know that they assisted some of you on your quest.

However, every good story seems to spur more ‘how to’ questions and requests - particularly for those of you looking to manage your own image. Some of the most frequently asked questions swirl around what to where when.

Also, some of you are sooooo tired of seeing skanky people tool around that you are asking me to serve a mandate ordering panty and man-ty lines (yes, some of your brothers are out of control too) along with tight or too short clothing against the law.

What can I say?

Social and style etiquette was never on the agenda of this blog but I must give the people what they want. I’ll work on some stories to appear in the next weeks before I take a little R&R retreat.

Yes, your girl needs to recharge her batteries.

However, before I skip off into vay-kay land next month, I will load you up with LOTS of content to keep you occupied.

Be on the lookout for Friday’s Fabulous Flick tomorrow gang!