Monday, April 28, 2008

Harold Ford, Jr. Gets Hitched

Usually, I keep the political banter off of this blog because I believe Black America needs a break/refuge from all of the hullabaloo. But this little tidbit was way too good to pass up – especially since some of my Southern readership wants to know what's going on (shout out of my people below the Mason-Dixon Line!)

Tennessee Sista Socialites are chattering away about the weekend wedding of Harold Ford, Jr. (age 37) to Emily Threlkeld (age 27). The wedding was held in Miami with about 300 attendees that included only close family and friends. The wedding party was huge with 26 attendants.

Ms. Emily is reportedly loaded and considered a ‘socialite.’ She owns two residents (one in New York, the other in Miami) and works as a business manager for designer Carolina Herrera.

Mr. Ford is a former Congressman and the chair of the Democratic Leadership Council. He was also named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People some years ago.

Rumors continue to swirl regarding his future political aspirations.

I wish the couple well!

Footnote: Yes, I know that some of you ‘feel some type of way’ about the coverage interracial couples receive on this blog but oh well…it is what it is.

And kids…try to play nice when posting on this story although I know that may be tough from some of you.