Sunday, April 20, 2008

Since You Asked

I keep receiving query after query over whether or not this blog is actually syndicated by several national news outlets.

I’m not exactly sure why the onslaught of questioning recently. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt rather than placing you on turbo blast.

Perhaps some of you are new and don't take the time to read through the blog archives before asking me or other readers questions about topics already covered.

Maybe some of you out there have a hard time believing that The Black Socialite has caused this amount of stir in such a short period of time.

And, I completely understand how some people may have a really hard time accepting anything that is Black and positive since the two terms are often not synonymous.

So, good people here’s a list of where my blog has been picked up so that you can read for yourselves.

Stories appearing on Reuters News Service website:

1/27/08 – Sista Socialites Absent from New Bravo Show

1/30/08 – Lenny Kravitz Concert Afterglow

3/13/08 – Boys and Girls Club of Stamford Honors Stedman Graham

Stories in The Chicago Sun Times Online:

1/14/08 – Pamela Joyner’s Unmasking Fundraiser

2/6/06 - Spotlight on Desiree Rogers

2/14/08 – Keeping up with Pamela Joyner

3/1/08 – The First Etiquette Book for Black Women

The New York Times back linked to my story ‘Love Martha’s Vineyard Style’ and The Washington Post back linked to my tribute to the late Effi Barry. Both of those items appeared last year.

So alas, it is true – my blog is considered a legitimate news source on the Black Social Elite.

This is why chappies I will never lie about my blog stats, where my stories are syndicated, nor the fact that this blog ranks number #1 in Google and Yahoo in the majority of search topics related to Black socialites.

So, go out and shout on the mountain tops the good news about The Black Socialite!

Eyes are watching us everywhere!