Thursday, April 3, 2008

Strategic Selection of Activities For Aspiring Socialites

Let’s face the facts.

There are only twenty-four hours in the day and eight of them should be devoted to sleep.
Since many of us are not (ahem) independently wealthy or full time Socialites, knock off another eight to ten hours daily for your j-o-b.

So, good people - most of us are left with six to eight hours a day for our social lives or more like – thirty six to forty eight hours a week.

Hmmm…maybe that explains the high rate of divorce in the US…but I digress…

This is not a lot of time when you have to maintain a household, look for or maintain a romantic relationship, shop, eat, exercise, and other life errands.

If you have children or caretaking responsibilities of siblings or elders, you have even less time to really plan and work that the magic to achieve and maintain Socialite status.

So, how do we best maximize our time if we aspire to Socialite status?

By being extremely selective in terms of your social activities.

First of all, you can’t attend everything unless you have a full time staff and unlimited cash. Secondly, you do not want to be the person whose ‘mug’ is everywhere for no apparent reason except to be seen.

Here’s how I recommend that you strategically select activities to achieve Socialite status.

1)Learn your hometown’s social season and try to map out your activities as far in advance as possible. Advance planning is not only easier on the purse, but also gives you a good ‘out’ to decline invitations.

2)Go to events that you are really interested in and can help to expand your network. For example, if you hate Classical music, don’t attend performances of your town’s Orchestra. You will have absolutely nothing in common with the other attendees. Conversely, if you love Jazz or Modern Dance, attend those activities where you can chit-chat with people who share a similar passion.

3) Don’t overdo it by trying to be out every night/week/weekend at first. Twice a month is good for starters. As your social network increases, you may be able to build up the contacts (and stamina) to zoom around to various activities.

4) Get out of your comfort zone. It is highly doubtful that you will achieve Socialite status if you only socialize with (fill in the name of any organization or group here). Make a conscience decision to explore new ‘territory’ at least once a month.

5) Look for local Socialite role models and learn about their pet projects, charitable organizations of interest, etc. It not only helps to have a tangible person so that you can model their success but it will also give you some ideas about where you should make your appearances while on the ‘quest.’

I'm sure several of you will have lots to add to this discussion, so feel free.

Next up - be on the lookout for tips about getting good press.