Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Help For Aspiring Socialites

Many of you know that I am a big fan of Town & Country Magazine. I enjoy their informative articles and stunning photography.

Aspiring socialites should check out the June edition (also referred to as The Special Philanthropy Issue) for a couple of reasons.

The beautiful layout seasoned with great photos of many of our favorite Black Socialites like Thelma Golden, Carol Sutton Lewis, and Kathryn Chenault.

It looks like deep purple is the color du jour ladies and gentleman - and of course, this color looks great on us!

Also, there are ‘10 tips for trouble free volunteering’ that many of you will find useful as you venture out into the non-profit socialite landscape.

A sampling of these tips include:

1) Choose causes or issues about which you feel strongly
2) Be realistic about what you can do. Don’t over commit.
3) Expect to be interviewed; nonprofits have requirements too.
4) Don’t wait to be asked.
5) Be patient.

Go scoop up your copy to help map out your Socialite plans today!