Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spotlight on Kim Heirston

Quite a few of you have contacted me for more scoop on 40-something year old art consultant extraordinaire Kim Heirston. At six feet tall without heels in fabulous designer fashions, you can’t miss her when she walks into the room.

Unlike many of her peers in the art world, Ms. Heirston was not 'to the manor born.' Kim was raised by a single mom in Huntington, Long Island who divorced Kim’s dad when she was 3. A talented student with a natural inclination for the sciences, Kim’s desire was to be an actress.

She attended Yale University where she worked at a series of gallery jobs and became hooked on the art world. She worked as the Director of the Stux Gallery and received several job offers to become a dealer. However, Kim was interested in establishing her own business.

She approached an Italian client with the idea that she could become his advisor to help him establish his collection. He agreed. They commissioned a work from Damien Hirst back when he wasn’t well known. The collector paid $60,000 for the piece that later sold at auction in 2006 for $3 million.

OK…pick up your jaw…

Kim continued to build her professional reputation and is considered a ‘top-tier art advisor’ to some of the world’s wealthiest people. She holds a prominent seat at Sotheby’s making her a rarity among Black art consultants. Her client list includes Tom and Alex Clancy, Kate and Andy Spade, all three of the Miller sisters, and countless other millionaires with unrecognizable names.

She also made an appearance as herself on Sex and The City back in 1998.

Kim also keeps a very active social life both in the US and abroad – having been named as one of Harper's Bazaar Most Sought After Guests in New York.’ Kim met her husband (Australian real estate investor Richard Evans pictured below) at one of Denise Rich’s party in the Hamptons and host luncheons for her friends at her home.

We’ll keep our eyes open for more Kim Heirston sightings in the future!