Monday, May 5, 2008

For The Sake of Saving My Creation

When I started The Black Socialite back in August of 2007, I never imagined nor adequately prepared for its popularity. The blog began as a way for me and my friends to keep up with each other while sharing commentary and news about people of our social circle.

Our blogosphere community remained positive and upbeat in its infancy.

The Black Socialite has since grown in readership and has blossomed into a social diary of The Black Elite.

I have been blessed to receive advertisers and mainstream news partners who believe in the power of positive news featuring Black people. Even more heartwarming is the countless number of emails I receive from parents who tell me that they read The Black Socialite with their children and grandchildren.

So apparently these types of images of our people are long overdue.

However, during this journey we have experienced some growing pains.

A good number of you are pretty determined to shoot off inappropriate and downright mean-spirited comments under the cloak of anonymity or blog monikers. Bad behavior in the blogosphere is so common that The New York Times posted a recent story about one blog’s editorial staff's attempt to warn and ban out of control readers.

Several of you have made repeated attempts to dictate perimeters of who is worthy of coverage on The Black Socialite in spite of the fact that I have addressed this topic back in February.

And, in the realm of super crazy - enough of you have spiraled into the abyss of name calling, personal attacks, foul language, and ugly –isms that I am forced to take drastic steps to preserve the integrity of what I have created.

Comments have been officially disabled on The Black Socialite until further notice.

In case you weren’t aware, the people featured on this blog are real people with feelings, family members, and friends - so nasty and catty comments impact them and the people who care about them on a very deep and personal level.

Moreover, it is my responsibility to continue to elevate those who I elect to feature as shining examples of tangible excellence without enabling the hateful tone that has recently invaded our community.