Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Is Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

I hope that you are not in one of these ‘hotspots’ in the United States or Canada today!

While I love Summer, I hate heatwaves – particularly when they are two weeks early.

Good grief – have we moved from a four season to a two season climate in North America – just Winter and Summer?

My hometown is so hot that children have been dismissed from school early today. The ole ye air conditioning systems were not prepared to have to work so hard so soon. Our energy company is also dealing with scores of outages.

And, I am cooking!

Yes, I have air conditioning. But I swear I can feel the heat seep through the floors and doors.

Some of you know the feeling…

I was thinking that I should have stayed at the beach but it’s super hot there too.

No sea breezes – just heat.

On top of the heat, one of my favorite staples – tomatoes – have been pulled from the shelves due to salmonella outbreaks. This makes me so upset.

There is nothing better than raw tomato and basil salads to me – especially when it’s burning up outside. I eat raw tomatoes almost every day and simply love them.

Now, I’m suffering from tomato withdrawal symptoms.

Now on to good news…

Special Friend and I had a good time on our beach junket this past weekend. I’ll share the story with you in a future posting.

Also, this blog is mentioned on ‘The Root’ in a story entitled ‘Searching For The Black Carrie.’ I discovered this yesterday while going through my blog stats. Thanks to author Jordyn White for the positive shout out.

Please stay cool if you are in one of the heatwave areas of the country.

If you are in the US Midwest struggling through severe weather, please know you are in my prayers.