Thursday, June 19, 2008

Italian Vogue To Feature All Black Models

Let’s step off topic of Black Socialite coverage for a moment.

One of my cyber-buddies Maya shared with me today that The New York Times has published a story on the upcoming Italian Vogue July edition that will feature all Black models. The issue will be available in Europe on Thursday and will ship to the US shortly thereafter. The photo that appears here is our gal Naomi Campbell. Plus sized model Toccara Jones from America's Next Top Model fame also graces the pages of this edition.

The battle for equality wages on in the world of fashion in spite of the fact that Black women spend close to $20 Billion on clothing annually.

So, keep your eyes open for this issue and grab a copy of it. If your friendly neighborhood bookstore doesn’t carry Italian Vogue, make sure to tell them about the historical significance of this particular issue – and how you know that it will fly off of the shelves if it is merchandised and promoted properly.

Trust me, tell will get the point.

By the way, Maya is a fan of the blog who is “neither black nor a socialite (but) find(s) it fascinating learning about worlds that I would otherwise not be exposed to, including the world you write about on (this) blog.”

Many thanks for sending this hot news Ms. Maya and your fan-ship of this blog.
Photo credit: Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue