Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Planning Underway

I must admit that I am enjoying all of the emails and photos (keep 'em coming!) While culling through all of the good stuff you are sending to me, I'm also trying to get my summer plans into gear.

My computer is really sick of me and I believe the ole girl may be on her way to that big laptop terminal in the sky. She's running slow and churns forever when I'm downloading pictures. I have a new model laptop but I'm so loyal to ole' girl that I feel like I'm techo-cheating by using the newer model.

I know - I sound nutty.

But I get soooo attached to certain items in my life that's it's hard for me to say goodbye.

So back to my summer plans...

I (like so many people in the country) have to take rising fuel prices into consideration as I map out my summer activities which just plucks my nerves. Special Friend and I will be headed to a beach this weekend within reasonable driving distance (read: less than 3 hours away). We are looking forward to spending some couple time together without all of the 'noise' that surrounds our busy lives.

Special Friend and I have also received an invite to The Commissioners 75th Annual Summer Party in Atlantic City, New Jersey later this month. This organization holds in its ranks some of the most elite professional Black men in our area and they usually throw a good party. Of course, I'll make sure to share lots of pictures with you.

I will also head to the West Coast at the end of the month for business travel only to return home to a busy July!

Amtrak will be the friend of many us on the East Coast for the Centennial Boule of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority! Others are opting to carpool and take the luxury bus services in order to save dollars.

For those traveling to Seattle for The Links, Incorporated National Assembly, I know for a fact that plans to ship clothing, shoes, and hats are in the works as many attendees anticipate heavy luggage surcharges from the airlines.

Jack and Jill of America will host their annual conference in Miami, Florida this July as well. Several members of the organization have shared with me that they plan to drive and use the trip as an educational excursion for their children. This is much more cost effective than trying to lug children and clothing on an airplane.

So, Black Socialites everywhere are feeling the pitch of our hard earned 'pennies' as we confirm our plans this summer.

In the meanwhile, Yours Truly has been contacted by a prominent Cable TV network for assistance with casting with a wildly popular show.

I'll give you more details soon - I promise.