Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blogger X and Other Misadventures in the Blogosphere

The most bizarre thing happened to me recently.

I was misquoted by a Sister Blogger who did not identify herself when contacting me.

Blogger X (as she will be affectionately referred to in this posting) sent me an email last month querying me as to why I have not done a post on a particular political candidate’s wife. I replied to her and kept it moving.

About a week later I learned that Blogger X is well…Blogger X. I find this out because my email became loaded with notes about Black Elitism in America. Apparently Blogger X’s posting entitled “The John Does Are Not Elite and That’s Fine With Me” (along with my alleged reply) was crossed linked to several other Black political and socio-cultural blogs.

All I could say is wow…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – Blogger X has yet to tell me that she reinterpreted my email for her blogging pleasure.

So good people, here’s the verbatim email exchange between me and Blogger X so you can get in on the fun:

Blogger X writes:

Mrs. John Doe doesn't warrant a post?

Just wondering

My reply on June 19th reply via email:

This blog features people who are considered Black Socialites.

I tend to not cover politicians or their family members as they are represented in other media outlets.

Have a good day!

The Black Socialite”

Blogger X’s translation of my reply on her blog:

“One of my guilty pleasures is the blog The Black Socialite. Searching through (The Black Socialite blog’s) archives, I discovered that no post had ever been done on Mrs. John Doe. I thought it was quite odd…so, I emailed the site owner. In a very polite email, she informed me that hers was a blog about people who had been involved in Society, and Mrs. John Doe didn't qualify.”

Blogger X also decided to not be ‘snarky' with me (in her words) since I elected to cover Harold Ford’s marriage to a young White Socialite on this blog (although Blogger X used what I would coin as epithets to describe Ford and his wife).

Now, for the record good people – my reply would not have changed if she had told me she wanted to use it for a blog.

What I don’t like is being misquoted.

Here’s something I find interesting folks. Someone who appears to be anti-elitism (or at least enough to blog about it) is a self admitted fan of The Black Socialite.

Hence ladies and gentleman, you have before you an example of the class quagmire in Black America. So many of us love, hate, and love to hate the elite of our people. There also seems to be some common thinking that inclusion into the elite should be afforded to all individuals who can check off the boxes of “Black and successful” underneath their names.

It has never worked that way and I doubt that it ever will.

We are extremely fortunate in Black America to have scores of Black folks in politics now – many of whom could be written about on this blog.

But, here’s the catch…I write about topics, people, and places that interests me. I can count on one hand the number of times I have featured politicos and their families on this blog.

It’s for a reason ladies and gentleman.

Because - and I quote “this blog features people who are considered Black Socialites. I tend to not cover politicians or their family members as they are represented in other media outlets.”

Hopefully, I won’t have to repeat myself again dang-nab-it!

Happy blogging to Blogger X. And a special 'shout out' to all other closet fans (and meanies too) who enjoy this blog on the DL (grins!)