Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kicking Off The Summer in Delaware

Special Friend and I had a wonderful time recently visiting his family in Millsboro, Delaware. The family has lived in the area for more than hundred years and several of the town’s roads are named after his ancestors. We stayed at the home of his cousin and feasted for days on her super fabulous cooking. We also visited his great-aunt and great-uncle who are well over the age of ninety and living full lives!

I am a self admitted crab junkie and love bonding with people over the messiness of it all. The family and I chowed down on crabs for two days straight in various varieties including fried, stewed in gravy, and boiled with seasoning (although crab eating is not Special Friend’s idea of fun). Having Southern lineage, I have to say the summer for me is really about seafood so this is one of the many highlights of the trip.

Among the many things that are lovely about Millsboro is its close proximity to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This wonderful resort town has great beaches, restaurants, and retail. We stretched out on the beach, enjoyed some more fabulous fried fare, and soaked up the sun. The photos above include the cute shops in Rehoboth Beach and one of the world's best places to buy salt water taffy - Dolles.

It was a great way to officially welcome Summer!