Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Info on Rehoboth Beach

OK - I received enough emails questioning me about the history of Black folks in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that I decided to share a few tidbits with you.

Black people have lived in Sussex County, Delaware for more than 200 years as 'free Blacks'

Many Black vacationers to the resort town are usually from the driveable distance of Delaware, Maryland, DC, and Philadelphia.

Rentals can be hard to come by as many of folks who visit Rehoboth Beach are homeowners who use their properties multiple times throughout the year

Author Alexs D. Pate wrote a work of fiction entitled West of Rehoboth in 2001. The novel is a coming of age story about a 12 year Black boy whose family spends two months in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware annually. Click onto this link to hear Pate's interview about the book on NPR.

One last note good people...

If you decide to visit, you must be very open-minded. Rehoboth Beach is extremely tolerant of all groups and boast a sizable gay population that is fully intergrated into the resort community.