Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Flick

Our featured Socialite this week, Ayanna Jenkins-Toney is creating quite a stir on the San Francisco social scene. She is pictured here attending the San Francisco Symphony Gala a few weeks ago and looked absolutely smashing!

This flick was featured in several pubs online and in print in addition to being named one of the 'Best Dressed' by friend to this blog

So, then came the inquiries this past week from folks asking 'who is she?'

Mrs. Jenkins-Toney is apparently an attorney in private practice and married Cornell Toney in 2000. The couple has one daughter, Madison Brooke Toney in 2006.

The Toneys are pretty well known on the San Francisco Social Scene but this latest pic has helped moved Ayanna to potential national Socialite status.
Have a super weekend!