Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Times At The Opera

Special cufflinks for a special man!

The centerpiece at our table highlighted some of the geometric shapes featured in the Opera

Table elegance that was simple yet thematic

This was a centerpiece at an adjacent table

Great artistry abound - even in dessert!

I stood on my tip-toes to capture this great shot of the newly restored 5,000 lbs 1855 crystal chandelier

Special Friend and I had a great time at Opening Night Gala for The Opera Company of Philadelphia (OCP). Since it was Special Friend’s birthday weekend (and he was rather ho-hum about turning 38 on October 11th), I surprised him with Tiffany’s cufflinks to make the remembrance of this birthday super special.

We had to head out super early because sooooooo much was going on in Philadelphia that evening. The hometown baseball team was playing in the finals, the political candidates from both parties were doing fundraisers and rallies, and the traffic from other events near OCP’s venue had the area jammed packed.

We made it on time to enjoy an assortment of hors d'oeuvres and cocktails which led into a three course meal that was absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed a large plate of salad with champagne vinaigrette dressing before diving into a perfectly prepared Chilean Sea Bass and Beef Tenderloin duet. Dessert was a chocolate mousse bombe with a wafer crust. I included a flick of dessert and the table arrangements so that you can enjoy the artistry of it.

Our dinner-mates were great and interesting people who travel the world to enjoy Opera. The couple I was seated next to just came back from Kiev. The couple seated next to Special Friend enjoyed sharing political anecdotes with him while enjoying dinner.
This year’s performance is sure to strike chords of celebration and surprise as it is a contemporary rendition of Fidelio by Beethoven. People will either love it or dislike it in my opinion because it’s soooo edgy. Japanese artist Jun Kaneko marked his set and costume design preview with OCP. His work is on public display in two places on the East Coast this year: the New York City Park on Park Avenue between 52nd and 54th and the Locks Gallery in Philadelphia.

We were the only Black couple at the event (and among the youngest attendees). After the performance, we celebrated with a post-performance dessert with the cast. At exactly Midnight, Special Friend was again surprised with an Operatic rendition of Happy Birthday! He gushed and turned a golly shade of beet red!!

We toasted him with champagne, champagne, and even more champagne.

Later that evening/morning, we hit the bed like a ton of bricks.
But what great memories to share and cherish.