Monday, October 27, 2008

Socialite Weight Management

Hello everyone,

Many thanks again for the notes and emails. You are great!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – your girl is trying to lose a few pounds (ok, it’s more than a few).

In case you didn’t get the ‘memo’ or a ‘Tweet’, being a Socialite takes stamina and to some degree physical fitness.

After all, how do you expect to look great in photos and keep an active schedule?

Over the weekend, I had a chat with one of the Super Socialites listed on this blog about weight management. She was alarmed to find out that I don’t have a scale at home.

Actually, I’ve never had a scale at home.

Here’s why…

About eight years ago, I hired a personal trainer to whip my body into shape. I learned that muscle weights much more than fat. Since then, I elected to focus on the following rather than obsessing over a scale:
1) Whether or not I could fit into the majority of my favorite clothing
2) Arm and leg flabbiness
3) Results from my annual physical

Becoming fixated on your actual weight is like worrying about clothing size. It’s a losing battle no pun intended.

I think you should be concerned with your energy level and if you feel physically good.

We all know when we are not operating at maximum capacity.

Tis’ the eating season from now until February so be careful.

All good things in moderation.