Saturday, November 29, 2008

Founders Day With The Keystone Cluster of The Links, Inc.

Beautiful white roses decorated each table
Philadelphia Chapter Vice President Sherilynn Johnson Kimble, Harrisburg Link Patricia Prim, and another Link enjoy the event

Philadelphia Chapter President Carol Clark Lawrence, Links, Inc. National Vice President Margot Copeland, & Philadelphia Link Lois Powell Mondesire pose for this flick

Philadelphia Links MarvaLisa Scott & Margaret Wright

Members of The Bucks County, PA Chapter of The Links

Lovely Links enjoying dessert after a delicious brunch

The Wilmington, Delaware Links Ensemble performed for the event

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the Keystone Cluster of The Links, Inc.’s Founders Day Brunch. This cluster consists of all of the Links chapters in Pennsylvania and Delaware. The event was hosted by The Wilmington, Delaware Chapter of The Links, Inc. who were also celebrating their 60th Anniversary. The lovely affair was held at the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington. My hat's off to the chapter and Chapter President Claire LeMar Carey for a job well done!

The Links, Incorporated National Vice President Margot Copeland served as Keystone Speaker and emphasized the importance of embracing friendship and service. The Eastern Area Director Bishetta Merritt and Eastern Area Vice Director Dianne S. Hardison were also in attendance.
The ladies were dressed in fashionable white and enjoyed an exquisite buffet brunch with yummy vegetables, salmon, bacon, sausages, eggs, fruit, turkey, and dessert. Entertainment was provided by a musical ensemble of The Wilmington Chapter of The Links, Inc.

The tradition of celebrating Founders Day as The Keystone Cluster began with The Philadelphia Chapter last year and was conceived by the chapter’s Vice President Sherilynn Johnson Kimble.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Flicks

Sherri Bronfman & Reginald Van Lee
Lifestyle Guru B. Smith & hubby Dan Gasby

Husband & wife Fred Terrell & Jonelle Propope

Software Giant Peter Norton & wife Gwen Norton

On Tuesday, November 18th, The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) The Museum hosted a black-tie gala called Jazz Interlude. The event was sponsored by The Friends of Education for MoMA which is a group focused on garnering more African American interest in art.

The event was co-chaired by Sherri Bronfman who looks absolutely fabulous!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congratulations to Congresswoman Marcia Fudge

A standing ovation is due to Congresswoman Marcia Fudge who was quietly sworn in last Wednesday on Capitol Hill for the 11th Congressional District seat. She was elected to the seat vacated by Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones who died last August.

Both women are members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and were close personal friends. Several sorority members were in attendance at the swearing-in ceremony in what was reported as a tearful event. Ms. Fudge is single, so her college roommate Janice Davis White stood by her side during ceremony.

In January, Ms. Fudge will begin serving the two-year term she won on November 4th. Her district covers all of Cleveland's East Side and several eastern suburbs of Cleveland including Euclid, Shaker Heights, and Cleveland Heights.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who Are You?

I get this question a lot. Underneath the simple premise of this question is an even deeper (or more probing) inquiry.

It goes something like this…

What qualifies you to write about The Black Elite?
Are you a member of a sorority? The Links? Jack & Jill? The Girlfriends?
Where do you live?
How do you finance the Socialite lifestyle? Do you come from a wealthy family?

Here’s the scoop ladies and gentlemen.

In time, I promise to share more details of my life.

What I will tell you are the things that long time readers already know about me. I’m 37 and live in a large East Coast city. I have a boyfriend (Special Friend) who is my partner, best friend, and companion.

I work full time and blog ‘on the side’ (no, this is not my primary gig!)

I am a financially active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and affiliate with a graduate chapter. I am also member of an old chapter of The Links, Incorporated (where I am an officer) and The Junior League (where I was on the Board of Directors).

My social life is on overdrive. On top of working full time, maintaining a relationship, and keeping connected with my close friends, I also work as a committed volunteer for various organizations.

I'm pragmatically optimistic which is why the tone of the blog tends to be positive with some 'call it as I see it' honesty.

There is no official ‘team’ for The Black Socialite – just me, a digital camera, Special Friend, and my buddies who share news and topics worth covering. Periodically, some of you send me really good links, photos, and stories of happenings in your hometown that I post as well.

I am so happy that the majority of you are enjoying what you read. Your emails and notes on Facebook keep me encouraged.

More good news about America’s Black Elite is forthcoming!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Super Socialite Desiree Rogers To Head Up Social Functions At The White House

Hello good people,

I just learned that the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Super Socialite Desiree Rogers is expected to be named Special Assistant To President-Elect Barack Obama. She will be responsible for coordinating social functions at The White House and is the first Black person to hold this post.

Talk about a dream gig!!!

You may recall that I featured Ms. Rogers earlier this year. She is currently the President of Social Networking for Allstate Financial.

Hardy-har-har to all of those naysayers who think that being a Socialite is pure fluff!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features Gelila Assefa-Puck with Ralph Rucci at the recent de Young's Yves Saint Laurent Gala in San Francisco. She looks fantastic and I absolutely LOVE the hair.

Take note gang that many of our favorite Socialites on the scene are wearing functional garments that can be worn repeatedly and dressed up with lively accessories.

Have a super weekend! I'm prepping for the holidays at home.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

I happened to see this quote twice in my neighborhood - on two different church display signs. It encouraged my spirit and I believe it serve as a personal motto for many of us.

The quote is actually credited to Benjamin Franklin (although I wasn't able to locate the date that the actually quote was written or uttered).

Here's the thing. So many of you email me seeking advice on navigating the complicated social field of life. You want to get into this make sure that you don't make any 'missteps' or trip on any social landmines.

You have to recognize that you are human and it's OK to be flawed. Get comfortable in your own skin and walk proudly in knowing that you are an original work of art.

And remember that talk is sooooo cheap and often comes for free - whether you want to hear it or not. Be the best YOU and your aspirations - be they social, professional, or political will manifest. Become a person who can deliver results rather than pontificate on concepts and ideas. Far too many folks can be really loud over issues and topics but have very little knowledge or experience to back their opinions up.

All of the Socialites featured on this blog deliver results - for their businesses, in their workplaces, and for their charitable organizations of choice.

It's not just about being seen grinning for the cameras.

Because at the end of the day 'well done is better than well said.'

Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Socialite Valerie Jarrett Headed To The White House

Congratulations to Valerie Bowman Jarrett who was named White House Senior Advisor last week! A close friend to the Obama Family, Ms. Jarrett served as Chief Advisor during the Obama 08 Campaign.

Many of you already knew how fabulous Ms. Jarrett is as she is one of the main Socialite 'Movers & Shakers' in Chicago. She was featured last month in Vogue Magazine and is credited for bringing together to Old & New Black Elite during the campaign season.

Her dad is Dr. James Bowman, Professor Emeritus in Pathology and Medicine at the University of Chicago and her mother, Barbara Bowman is the founder of The Erikson Institute for Child Development. Valerie's great-grandfather (Robert Taylor) was the first Black person to graduate from M.I.T. She is divorced and has an adult daughter attending Harvard Law School.
I think we'll see more Super Socialites from our list headed to The White House. I'll try to keep you informed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Flick

This week's flick features former Mayor of New York City David Dinkins and wife Joyce Dinkins attending The Alzheimer’s Association's annual Rita Hayworth Gala last month. The event took place at the famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and raised over $2 million for the Alzheimer’s Association.
My hat's off to this great looking couple who at age 81 still manages to keep a very active social calendar!
Have a great weekend, go out, and enjoy yourself!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Flick

America's New First Family is posed to take
the International center stage.
This is a proud moment for all of us!
Here's a link to a great blog that follows Michelle Obama's fashion choices.
Make sure to bookmark on your computer or mobile device.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrating President-Elect Barack Obama!

What an amazing night and an awesome sight!

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama!

As he said, this is 'your victory' so now is the time to celebrate and roll up our sleeves for the good of our country.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I waited in line and experienced a lil' bit of drama at my polling place but the good deed is done. If you haven't voted already, please take the time to cast your ballot.
America needs to hear your voice. Remember that many people struggled for you to have this privilege.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pamela Joyner & Fred Giuffrida's Annual Masked Ball

Friend to this blog (Damion Matthews of SFluxe) sent this great link with loads of fabulous pictures of Super Black Socialites at the Annual Masked Ball held at the home of Pamela Joyner and hubby Fred Giuffrida in San Francisco recently.

Pamela Joyner (center) is featured here with Joy Gibson (left) and Deirde Lettington. The color theme for the event was red and gold. Ms. Joyner's gown is by designer Zang Toi.

The event raised $200,000 for the Making Waves Foundation!