Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Socialite Valerie Jarrett Headed To The White House

Congratulations to Valerie Bowman Jarrett who was named White House Senior Advisor last week! A close friend to the Obama Family, Ms. Jarrett served as Chief Advisor during the Obama 08 Campaign.

Many of you already knew how fabulous Ms. Jarrett is as she is one of the main Socialite 'Movers & Shakers' in Chicago. She was featured last month in Vogue Magazine and is credited for bringing together to Old & New Black Elite during the campaign season.

Her dad is Dr. James Bowman, Professor Emeritus in Pathology and Medicine at the University of Chicago and her mother, Barbara Bowman is the founder of The Erikson Institute for Child Development. Valerie's great-grandfather (Robert Taylor) was the first Black person to graduate from M.I.T. She is divorced and has an adult daughter attending Harvard Law School.
I think we'll see more Super Socialites from our list headed to The White House. I'll try to keep you informed.