Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

I happened to see this quote twice in my neighborhood - on two different church display signs. It encouraged my spirit and I believe it serve as a personal motto for many of us.

The quote is actually credited to Benjamin Franklin (although I wasn't able to locate the date that the actually quote was written or uttered).

Here's the thing. So many of you email me seeking advice on navigating the complicated social field of life. You want to get into this make sure that you don't make any 'missteps' or trip on any social landmines.

You have to recognize that you are human and it's OK to be flawed. Get comfortable in your own skin and walk proudly in knowing that you are an original work of art.

And remember that talk is sooooo cheap and often comes for free - whether you want to hear it or not. Be the best YOU and your aspirations - be they social, professional, or political will manifest. Become a person who can deliver results rather than pontificate on concepts and ideas. Far too many folks can be really loud over issues and topics but have very little knowledge or experience to back their opinions up.

All of the Socialites featured on this blog deliver results - for their businesses, in their workplaces, and for their charitable organizations of choice.

It's not just about being seen grinning for the cameras.

Because at the end of the day 'well done is better than well said.'