Monday, December 15, 2008

Black Socialites In The Media Spotlight

Hello out there good people!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Some of you were as busy as beavers sending me in an article in an (ahem) unnamed newspaper about our gal Desiree Rogers becoming the next White House Social Secretary. A few of you believe that it was loaded with back handed complements – questioning Ms. Rogers ability to be able to manage and thrive in her new post since she is not a 'Washington insider.'

Well folks what can I say except – brace yourself for the ensuing flurry of focus on Black Socialites.

As President-Elect Obama and Mrs. Obama enter The White House in 2009, there will be loads of focus and attention on who’s coming with them – specifically if they are Black, educated, attractive and “unknown” (read: unknown to the East Coast based mainstream media). I am fielding inquiries galore from media types fishin' for information about Socialites featured on this blog.

I can hear the fascination and intrigue in their voices when I speak with them.

Meanwhile, we always knew this group was around - because we are either participants and/or observers of the Black Social Elite. But, now more than ever a brighter spotlight will be placed on America’s Black Social Elite (as if the BSE is some new species of Black folks recently discovered in the backdrop of the Obama campaign).

Historical note of interest to our new found media friends: We have documented evidence of the BSE’s existence for more than 220 years in America.

So, my advice to you good readers, is to not get yourselves all worked up over the probing and querying of the Mainstream media about the BSE.

We have sooooo much to plan and chat about next year.

And by the way, since clean, fresh, and articulate Black people are going to be in the spotlight for the next several years – what are you planning to do to brand or re-brand yourself in 2009?

You only have a few weeks left in 2008.